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Tatkal Waiting List

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IRCTC Waiting List Status of a tatkal ticket can be easily checked online using the PNR number given on the top left of the ticket. The procedure for checking IRCTC Waiting List Status is the same as that of a normal ticket. One needs to log on to the irctc website where the link for checking IRCTC Waiting List Status is available. It asks for only the PNR number and offers the position of your reservation.

Though Tatkal ticket which is confirmed is not refundable, but IRCTC Tatkal waiting list refund is very much possible. If your Tatkal ticket does not get confirmed, one has the benefit to cancel it and get the money back. IRCTC Tatkal waiting list refund is given on the same lines as the normal ticket.

Following are the rules for cancellation of a Tatkal ticket:

Since Tatkal ticket is not possible for AC first class, Rs 60 is deducted for AC 2 tier passengers against the cancellation ofIRCTC Waiting List Status on Tatkal. Similarly, the IRCTC Tatkal waiting list refund on AC Chair Car and AC 3 Tier is Rs 60, Rs 40 for Sleeper and Rs 20 for Second Class Cancellation per passenger. If the cancellation is done between 4 hours to 24 hours of the departure of the train, twenty five percent of fare is cut as cancellation charges. Additionally, if the cancellation is done in less than four hours of departure of the train, the 50% of the fare charges are deducted as the cancellation fees.

By viewing the status of waiting list at every hour, one gets to know if he will be able to get his ticket in RAC or confirmed. Accordingly, he can get his ticket cancelled on time and enjoy the benefit of refund that is possible on IRCTC Waiting List Status.

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