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Tatkal Tickets Booking

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IRCTC Tatkal tickets are most sought after way to book a ticket. Though the charges for IRCTC Tatkal tickets booking are a little more than a simple e-ticket, but it is really helpful in booking of ticket when one has to travel urgently and suddenly. IRCTC Tatkal tickets booking open at 8 am, two days before the departure of train.  IRCTC Tatkal tickets booking procedure is very simple. However, one has to remember while booking IRCTC Tatkal tickets that Tatkal scheme is not allowed on AC first class and second class seating.

The process to book IRCTC Tatkal etickets is as follows:

  1. Visit the registered website of Indian Railways,
  2. Go to link book tickets.
  3. Fill the information asked for in this page like the boarding station, destination, number of passengers, date of travel, etc.
  4. As you fill in the information change the quota and make it Tatkal.
  5. The next step is to pay for the tickets. The payment can be made conveniently with a credit card, debit card or net banking facilities. One should ensure that the credit and debit cards used for payment have to be of Indian banks.
  6. As the payment is made, IRCTC Tatkal eticketsappears on the screen which should be printed and carried along during the journey.

Recently a new rule has been come into effect for booking of IRCTC Tatkal etickets under which one can book the ticket only 24 hours prior the departure of the train. Another rule is that only four passengers can be booked for Tatkal tickets. A confirmed ticket of Tatkal is not refundable on cancellation until and unless the train gets cancelled due to some adverse circumstances. It is important to carry photo identification card along during the journey to ensure that no one else travels on IRCTC Tatkal etickets.

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