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IRCTC Tatkal Scheme Rules

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IRCTC tatkal scheme allows the individual to make the bookings 1 day prior to their journey date hence making things very simple for the people. You can also go in for the online booking and all you need to do is just follow the irctc tatkal ticket rules and they will see to it that your ticket booking is done within no time.

Indian Railways is controlled by the Central government of India and hence ranks among the top and biggest organizations in India with the ministry of railways operating it. The tracks run in thousands of miles and have stations around 7,084 in India. There are a whole lot of facilities that they offer and are still coming up with newer ones. Few of the facilities that they offer is the ease from which you can do the online booking with them. With the advent of internet and technology getting more and more advanced day by day, booking the tickets from the comfort of your place has become very easy. Not only that you don’t have to wait for the physical chart to be prepared for the confirmation, you can now get to know the pnr status of your ticket with their online pnr satus facility. You can also enquire about the different trains and go in for a booking with the train which suits your timing and purpose.

The process of pnr is very simplified, all you need to do is enter the 10 digit pnr number mentioned at the left top hand corner and press the submit button and you will get the status within seconds. If you run into a sudden need of travel and want to book the tickets then the irctc tatkal scheme helps you to book tickets with much ease. You can now book the tickets hassle free and you can either obtain in from the counter or alternatively go in for the online booking. Just follow the simple irctc tatkal ticket rules.

The process that goes in to the booking of the tatkal scheme is simplified with the site asking you to enter few details like the date of journey, train number, code of destination station, code of start station, quota and which class you would like to travel in. And the status of the ticket which you are booking will be known in no time. The irctc tatkal scheme is found to be more convenient and time saving. In case after booking of the ticket is done under tatkal it is still in waiting list then the confirmation will happen only after the confirmed tatkal ticket has any cancellation hence making way for the tatkal passangers to travel.

They keep all of the irctc tatkal ticket rules very simple and hence people book the tickets hassle free. The scheme of tatkal has come up with the motive to serve people in a better way and to make their journey free from any problems. The tickets booked under tatkal can be cancelled 24 hours prior to the date of journey according to the rules laid by the Indian Railways. There is a minimum amount that is charged for the tickets booked under the tatkal scheme and different class has different amount. And the service charge is the same for the passengers of all age groups including the senior citizens. And they provide you with all the important details which you are looking out for.

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